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Company History

The Company was first listed as PaperlinX Limited (PPX) on the Australian Stock Exchange in April 2000 after demerging from Amcor,

In January 2001, the Company acquired Australian listed paper distributor Spicers Paper providing a platform for international growth in fine paper merchanting, with businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Asia.

This was followed by the acquisitions of Canadian paper merchants Coast Paper in May 2001 and Papier Turgeon in April 2002..

In July 2002 the acquisition of Bunzl Fine Paper, later renamed The Paper Company, provided a step into the UK market.

The November 2003 the acquisition of Buhrmann's paper merchanting division, renamed PaperlinX Europe, established the Company's worldwide merchant platform.

August 2005 the Company announced the Maryvale Kraft Pulp Capacity upgrade that was completed in 2008 in Australia. In March 2006,  Canadian paper distributor, Cascades Merchanting (renamed Spicers Canada) was acquired to build value in North America.

In May 2007, the Company purchased Antalis S.p.A in Italy and sold Axelium SAS in France.

In June 2009,  the Company's manufacturing business, Australian Paper, was sold to Nippon Paper Group Inc of Japan. The Wesley Vale and Burnie Mills in Tasmania were retained by PaperlinX and formed a new company, Tas Paper.  In December 2009, the Company announced the closure of the Wesley Vale mill and part of the operations at Burnie, which was completed in March 2010.  In April 2010, the Burnie Mill closure in Tasmania was announced, and this was completed in June 2010. This meant the Company now had a  merchanting focus, with businesses distributing paper, sign and display, graphics material and industrial packaging to a wide range of customers internationally.

In June 2012, businesses in the US and Italy were sold.  In July 2012,  the sale of businesses in Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and South Africa was announced.

In October 2014, the Company acquired Total Supply, a leading sign industry supplier in New Zealand.

In March 2015,  the Canadian operation, Spicers Canada, was sold.

During the 2015 calendar year Spicers withdrew from its previous European operations. In April 2015, the businesses in the UK, Benelux and Austria were placed into administration by their local Directors. In May 2015, the businesses in Poland and Spain were sold. In June 2015, the businesses in Ireland, Scandinavia (Denmark & Sweden) and Ireland were sold.  In the same month, following the administration of its parent, a Dutch holding company, control of the business in the Czech Republic passed to an Administration Trustee.  In October 2015 the Company's last remaining European operation in Germany commenced administration processes, subsequently moving into insolvency proceedings in December 2015.

In November 2015, the Company's name and ASX code changed to Spicers Limited (SRS). The Company subsequently reported its first full-year profit since 2008 in August 2016.

In June 2017 the Spicers and the responsible entity of the PaperlinX SPS Trust implemented a Trust Scheme transaction to simplify the Company's capital structure, under which Spicers acquired PaperlinX SPS Trust units not already owned in exchange for the issue of new Spicers ordinary shares, with the PaperlinX SPS Trust then subsequently delisted.

In December 2018 the Company completed the sale of its Asian Operations in Singapore and Malaysia.

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